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How long does it take my listing to go live?
If you are already signed in, your listing will go live instantly after you submit it. If you are not registered you will first need to verify the email used with the pubished listing before it goes live. 


How to modify or delete my listing?
If you are already signed in, just click 'my account' and you will be able to edit and delete your listings from the dashboard. Non registered users will need to follow the links in the email.


How to repost my listing?
This feature currently under production. 


Why has been my listing rejected/deleted?
This may happen due to any of these or other reasons:

1. If your listing has expired. Housekeeping cleans up expired content.

2. If your listing has duplicate and/or inappropriate content or spam.

3. If your listing talks about illegal material and/or procedures.

4. If the email or number mentioned in your listing does not exist.

5. If you repeatedly fail to respond to inquires on your published listings.

6. If there is a genuine complaint against your listing.




How do I publish a listing on 209Buzz?
It's easy-peasy,  just click on "Publish Listing" button on top of the page, simply fill in the details you want, upload some attractive images, then smack that submit button!


How long does my listing remain live?
That depends on the Category your listing will be placed in. Some will have a shorter period than others and some will be unlimited until you disable or delete it.


How much will it cost to publish my listing on 209Buzz?
Posting a listing on our website is completely free. You may post any number of unique ads and re-posting as long as there is no duplicates.


How do interested parties contact me?
Aside from our on-site messaging system this depends on the details you have provided to share when you were posting your listing. A working phone number must be connected to your account and any listings you publish. Your listing and profile show details on this site except your email which remains hidden, however the option is available if do want to show your email.



How do I check the responses to my listing?
You will receive 2 emails. One will be the contact email and/or phone number of the person contacting you. The second will be an email with the message and links allowing you to quickly reply back using our on-site messenger. If you wish to move the conversation out of our messenger than we suggestion replying in the messenger requesting to do so. You should check your ad periodically often to find and respond to any comments posted.


How do I increase the responses to my listing?
Take advantage of all the options available when publishing and provide detailed, creative and relevant information about your listing with nice images to attract maximum and relevant responses. We often pick various listings to share on our social networks. We offer a couple paid options that can help increase your views.


How do I contact a publisher?
You can directly call/text/email to the advertisers depending upon the contact details provided by the publisher. Alternately, you can use the contact button provided on the right side of each listing. You can also use the comment form to post your questions on the same listing page for public view and discussion.



How can I complain about a listing?
You can use the "Report" feature that is located on every listing page on the right hand side under the publisher information. 

You think they are trolling the trash, we'll take a peek.
2. Miscategorization
If you think it is in the wrong category, we'll take a look.
3. Duplicated
For when they just can't stop posting the same shit over and over.
4. Expired
Item has been sold, event is over, job position is filled.. you get the drift.
5. Offensive
It better damn be offensive, not this new offensive offensive, but obviously offensive.




How can I contact 209Buzz?
Currently we are only able to take suggestions, we are limited on support but we have plans for more support options in the future.


Why is a false listing published on my behalf and how do I complain about it?
We are a open free listing community as such a third party may have used your name and contact details to post a false ad. We deeply apologize for this and request you to report the listing as ‘Spam’ by using our report feature located on the listing page in question . You may write to us at admin (AT) 


Why is my listing still featured on search engines?
Even though your ad has expired or you deleted your ad, it is likely that search engines like google and BING and other ones have slurped up your listings information. This is great for some people's listings, and a reason they keep them alive, it builds strength to their product/site. However some don't need this, but not to worry, After time all these search engines let go of dead links and your old listing should slowly fade away. 

Why did someone else or 209Buzz publish my job opening, event, etc. ?
In certain categories we or someone else may share an event, or a job opening that is not theirs, this is allowed as long as it is clearly stated that the publisher is not apart of the published listing and all the proper information is in order. If you are the owner of the item being listed then you simply need to contact us and we can transfer the posting over to you. 


I am not getting emails from 209Buzz.
Please check your spam folder and if this is the case, be sure to add 209Buzz to your accepted list and mark us as not spam!

I am a band artist entertainer and i am playing at an event, where do i post my listing?
If the entire event is about you, then you should post in one of our main Events category, however if you are just a feature of the event then you should post in the Community category section.

Can I sell live animals?
Nope. You can sell pet supplies and items for animals, however no live or dead animal selling.


Where can I find a list of items I can't publish on 209Buzz?
You can click this here

If someone is selling stuff they stole from me on here?
First, thieves suck! We suggest to promptly contact/update your local law enforcement about seeing your stolen goods being published on here. Please note we can't control if the listing and users account associated are deleted by owner of listing during any period, so if the content wasn't captured in a site back up, it's gone. So don't forget screen shots. 

Can I make a suggestion?
Of course, if you think we need to add in another category, or attributes or anything else, we will take it in to consideration to provide a better user experience on 209Buzz.


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