Modesto, CA – A new program that aims to reduce crime and bring extra patrol into neighborhoods will also help ease the minds of Modesto residents who are away from home on vacation.

Modesto Police volunteers will coordinate the vacation house check program that will allow residents to request a volunteer to periodically check their home while away for an extended period of time, free of charge. Submissions received through our website ( require the requestor to submit information, such as emergency contacts and who might be at the home, at least one week prior to departure. Once a request is received, trained volunteers will periodically check on the vacant residence and provide extra patrol in the neighborhood.

Whether you submit a request to us or have a friend house sit, it’s important to remember a few safety tips before you leave town:

• Ensure the locks on your doors and windows are in proper working order and be sure to secure them before you go.
• Never leave your house key under a doormat, in a flower pot or on the ledge of the door. Instead, leave a key with a trusted friend or family member in town.
• Make your home appear “lived in”. Use timers on lights and radios, have someone pick up your mail and newspaper and keep your yard landscaped.
• Don’t advertise on social media that you will be away from your home.

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